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the japanese dangan ronpa fans know what they are doing


the japanese dangan ronpa fans know what they are doing



lookin through old draws like







A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty down. I was having trouble with a person and I was feeling very underappreciated as an artist, and while I did have my problems, it pissed me a lot. But instead of feeling sorry for myself (for once) I started thinking about other great, awesome artists I followed who could be feeling even shittier and not believing in themselves.

I admire them; each one of them. Each had their own perks that made themselves and what they create special. And I realized that hell, I love being told what people like in my work. Not just “you’re so good”, but “I love the way you draw this and that”. At that moment, I really wished someone would come over and tell me that. How many other artists around weren’t feeling that way, at that moment?

So the messaging started. I never wrote a model message, they were all personal. And the answers were all personal too. People who responded sounded honestly happy someone took time to tell them what they admired in them, and told them never to give up no matter what. The ones who didn’t, well - I know they liked it, because it was from the bottom of my heart.

So after this time debating if I should write this little thing or not, I made it.  I don’t know if there’s anythig similar around, but if it does, take this as a reinforcement. It’s not a campaign, nor a meme, nor will it grant you favours from your favorite artists. Please, don’t do anything if it’s for interest. Instead, look at the artist as another human being who struggles with daily life and yet make such beautiful things you admire so much. Call them by their name, tell them what you like in them. Or draw, paint, write or compose a lil’ something for them. Doesn’t matter. Show appreciation.

Send the love around to those who inspire you.

(sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother tongue and it’s a bit rusty)

Slowly I am learning to do this. 

I’ve started trying to do this when something stands out to me. Spread some love, even my way if you really wanted!!!! I’ve been feeling awful and down lately shh dont tell anyone

where did this come from and why can’t I stop saying it (via alphaidiot)


please watch this it’s 12 seconds long


Hello people! now that Axl has finally opened a paypal account, its time to become an independent woman and open COMMISSIONS!

—> Sketches

  • Traditional - $5
  • Digital - $10
  • Digital Colored - $15

—> Clean Lineart - $15

—> Flat colors (can be substituted by monochrome or monotone) - $20

—> Shaded

  • Simple Shading (as sampled here) - $25
  • Detailed shading (as sampled above) - $30

—> Decorative Backgrounds - an additional $2 to the selected figure

—> Other Things

  • Icons - $10
  • Character References/Applications - $40+ reference of character with flat colors, front and back, price increases with additional work (poses, alt costumes, etc)


What I can draw:

  • Humans and animals
  • Cartoon
  • Chibi
  • Romantic couples (additional characters are +$5)
  • furries


What I may draw to a certain extent:

  • Nudity (no suggestive themes tho)
  • Mecha (not zoid/gundam/eva level of mecha tho)
  • Horror (keep it sfw please)


What I wont draw under any circustances:

  • Porn or any kind of suggestive themes
  • Fetish art
  • Sensitive themes such as race, religion, ect
  • Gore



You can place your order by sending me a tumblr ask or sending a PM to my Deviantart account. Once I accept your request go ahead and let me know what you want (I would really appreciate references when needed). Also let me know if you plan on paying me beforehand or not so that I may provide you with the necessary payment info. My paypal email is buraship3@gmail.com (dont send your requests there as I almost never check it).


I have to reboot this today!


I have to reboot this today!


A guest comic by Jackson from The Cheesy Llama.


Scarlet the red sorceress! She is a powerful magician, but really lazy. She prefers to guide underlings to put her schemes into place. She’s not really mean but she is a little impatient and a bit self-absorbed. Besides conquest she also loves fashion and sewing and has hundreds of self-tailored outfits and variations up her long, floppy sleeve.


When you overhear someone talking about your favorite video game.


When you overhear someone talking about your favorite video game.


when your friend in another country is sad:


I’m on my way

You are so beautiful!

Thank you anon! ;w;
I’m so flattered!